Zumba dance shoes for men

Zumba, the popular dance-inspired fitness class, created by Colombian dancer “Alberto Perez”, when he forgot the aerobics music for his fitness class, and he had to use a cassette of Salsa and Merengue music. It is practised all over the world by women, men, kids, young people, seniors, anybody can do it. The fitness routine is done to Latin and world music rhythms like Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, Samba, Flamenco, Disco, you name it.

Zumba is great if you want to combine dance with fitness training or if you have no dance experience, then Zumba could be the perfect place to start learning your first dance steps and moves. Of course, everybody can go to Zumba classes, non-experienced dancers to pro dancers. No dance experience is required here.

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Zumba is a total body workout, includes cardio, flexibility, muscles, and you are burning a fair amount of calories. The routine incorporates a mix of slow rhythms and fast rhythms, good interval training. The question remains, what are the perfect Zumba dance shoes for men.


What shoes not to wear

The most important for everybody doing the Zumba routine is that the sole should not have too much grip, because in some moves and especially in turns if you have too much grip on your shoe soles, it can injure your knees, ankles and even hips by dancing in them. So no shoes with soles that provide too much grip.

To get all the benefits of this great dance-fitness exercise, it’s important that you have good shoes that are comfortable while giving you a safe and enjoyable experience. You want to pivot with your foot without getting foot pain, ankle pain or knee pain. Most of the sports trainers are a bad choice for Zumba because their soles provide too much grip.

What shoes to wear

So what are the shoes that help you avoid pain and injuries? The shoes you dance with needs to have good support when you’re bouncing around the dance-floor, they need to give you lots of shock absorption. They also need a Low friction dance sole, of course, the sole cannot be too slippery. Of course, here you should find out the type of dance floor that you’ll be doing Zumba most of the times. Not all floors have the same amount grip. Zumba session is energetic and sweaty, so the shoes need to be breathable. You also need to be quick, so you need to have shoes made of the lightweight material.

Dance sneakers for men

Dance sneakers are an excellent choice for Zumba training. There are unisex dance sneakers, and also dance sneakers made just for men. Dance sneakers are a little similar to your regular sneakers, but the sole is different, dance sneakers are comfortable, and they give you good protection to avoid injury with their sturdy soles.

There are dance sneakers that have split soles instead of single sole; this can be an advantage in Zumba. This means that the shoes have two separate soles, one for the heel and one for the ball of the foot. This makes them much more flexible than sneakers with single sole. Also, usually dance sneakers have a spin spot. This makes it easier for you to twist, pivot and turn, also an advantage to avoid injury to your knees and ankles.


The main reason for not using your regular sports trainers or tennis shoes is to avoid injury to your ankles and knees. Jazz shoes aren’t good either, they might have enough grip, but the sole is too thin that won’t be good for your foot, you need Shock absorbing soles. What you want are the shoes to have the right amount of grip, spin-spot, light-weight, shock absorbing.

Dance sneaker is made for this kind of movements and training, to make the dance-fitness session smoother, easier and safer. Dance sneakers have a grip variety of colors and models. This makes them the number one recommendation for the Zumba fitness routine.






14 Replies to “Zumba dance shoes for men”

  1. Never thought that Zumba shoes are different. I usually wear my regular snickers.
    I practice Zumba for couple of years and never have had a guy in our class. Usually, ladies are more into dance.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Dany, really No men in your Zumba dance class for two years. Sure the majority is women, but we usually have a few men there.

  2. HI and thanks for this article. As a dance teacher myself, I totally understand the need for the correct footwear and agree with you post suggesting that dance sneakers are a good option for Zumba. One of the advantages as you say, of dance sneakers is that they often include a ‘turning circle’ on the base of the sole. When you turn them over, you can see a circle on the sole under the front part of the foot. This is to allow students to turn easily.
    When students wear sports trainers, such as squash or tennis shoes, these are designed to stop the player securely so they have the opposite effect.
    Great post and thank you for sharing.

  3. Hi, this is a class I have been wanting to take up for quite some time now. I will be sure to pass on this insightful info onto my partner. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I will be sure to get the kind of shoe with not much grip when selecting. I have never had a lesson, but I like dancing. Glad to know this beforehand.

  5. You need to choose the right shoe for the sport. I have learned this in every sport I have been involved with and I’ll take your word for it that dancing is no different. Depending on the sport there are big differences what is important in shoes. Like in weightlifting shoes stability is everything and in running shoes shock absorption is the main thing. Thanks for the great post!

  6. I Zumba dance and I just wear my running shoes! I see now that it would be a good idea to get me a pair of dance sneakers. That way I can avoid injuries. I have not been doing this very long, so I am glad I found this post! I really don’t need any injuries at this point.

    1. Thanks for your comment Matts Mom.
      It sure is important to avoid hurting your knee or geting any injury when dancing Zumba. Specially if you are going to dance it regularly it’s really important to have proper shoes.

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