Dance shoes for men – How to choose the perfect shoes for you

It’s totally fine to use any kinds of shoes for dancing, well almost any kinds. When you are new to dancing, or maybe you are trying a new dance, it might feel unnecessary to put your money on new expensive shoes when you don’t even know if you will like your new hobby. However, there are real benefits of using real dance shoes.

First of all, it’s much easier to dance with real dance shoes, they are lighter than normal shoes, and that is a good thing, it makes you faster and smoother. Dance shoes also reduce the risk of injury. Just like there are several dance styles there are several dance shoes.

Different shoes for different dances and occasions

So how do you choose a pair of good dance shoes? Well, you need to ask you, what kinds of dance style or styles you want to practice? Are you a beginner or an advanced dancer? Where do you dance? At dance classes, nightclubs, dance socials or dance competitions? Of course, you also could check what kinds of dance shoes your dance mates have. Maybe talk to more advanced dancer and ask them what kinds of dance shoes they can recommend.

I have listed below six different kinds of dance shoes for men.

Dance Sneakers

These shoes you can use for almost any dance. They are great all-around shoes for daily exercise and practice. Dance sneakers are a little similar to your everyday sneakers, but the sole is different. Sneakers are comfortable, and they give you good protection to avoid injury with their sturdy soles.

Jazz Shoes

Comfortable and thin shoes that promote balance and allows a lot of movement in the feet. Usually made of leather. You can get them with a split sole and with a full sole.

Ballroom Shoes

These shoes are used for dances like Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese waltz and Quickstep. Some people use them even for salsa and other dances. They have a short and flat heel, They are almost always black and often have suede sole.

Latin Shoes

Latin shoes are used for dances like Samba, Cha cha, Rumba, Paso doble and Jive. These shoes are quite similar to ballroom shoes, but they have higher heels, about 1, 1.5 or 2 inches. They also are softer.

Tap Shoes

These shoes are quite similar to jazz shoes, but they are equipped with a metal tap on the bottom of the heel and at the bottom of the toe. So the dancer can make a rhythmic sound while stepping and dancing.

Irish Dance Shoes for men

For boys and men, these shoes are often called ‘Reel shoes’, and they are harder than ladies Irish dance shoes. These shoes are similar to jazz shoes, but they have a hard heel so the dancer can make a rhythmic sound.

Do you really need dance shoes?

If you only dance once or twice a month socially, there is really no need for special dance shoes, by all means, use your everyday sneakers or whatever you prefer, but if you practice dance regularly or if dance is one of your big passion, it surely is worth investing a pair of good quality men’s dance shoes.

If you are a beginner and tired of having your gym shoes when dancing and want to try some real dance shoes. You could start with dance sneakers. Of course depending on what dance style you prefer and if you dance socially or just in dance classes.




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