Dance shoes for men, do we really need them?

When you go to your first dance class, and you’re excited about it, you probably don’t even think about needing some specific dance shoes for men. As long as you have comfortable shoes that look decent and aren’t too big and heavy. Does it really matter? Well, it all depends on how serious you are about dancing and how often you dance.

Do you really need dance shoes?

Well, if you ask me, I would say, as a beginner dancer, when you still haven’t decided yet if this will be your future passion or just so something you try ones or twice. Maybe you didn’t even really want to go to the class, maybe your girlfriend or some of your lady friends persuaded you to participate in this dance class. In that case, there really is no need for brand new dance shoes. Better use something you already have, something that is comfortable and not too heavy.

However, when you advance with your dance, and you dance regularly, perhaps start practicing some fast dance steps and even spins, that case it might be time for you to start thinking about your feet and maybe invest in some practical dance shoes. If you buy good dance shoes for the dance you practice, you will notice the difference right away. You will have improved balance; Your joints will feel better when you practice spinning, and you will feel the floor better.

Dance shoes are better both for your legs and knees. To be honest, there are a lot of people, good dancers who dance great without dance shoes, but it is easier and more efficient with real dance shoes. Just like any other sport or hobby, dancing requires certain equipment.


What are the benefits of real dancing shoes?

As already mentioned there are several reasons to buy dance shoes. First, of, dance shoes are like a second skin; you get a better feeling of the floor. These shoes are tighter than your ordinary shoes. In your walking shoes, you have some space between your foot and your shoe. That is not the case in dancing shoes; they are tighter on your foot. This makes you have total control of your steps because the shoes are like a second skin, as mentioned.

Another benefit is the soles in dance shoes; The sole is often made of suede or leather, this makes it easy to spin, turn, and twist. Also, the sole in dance shoes makes the floor slippery enough. This is something you will notice quite fast when you practice spins and turns. Most of the ordinary walking shoes have not the sole for this; they are not slippery enough, they tend to grip too much, or sometimes they are to slip. With proper dance shoes, you will have good contact with the floor.

Also, just as your ordinary walking shoes are made for walking and not dancing, the dancing shoes are created for dancing, to give the dancer stability and support when doing steps and spins on the dance floor, to protect the joints. Because dancing is the purpose of dancing shoes, they are manufactured to be durable for long-term, they are the right equipment for this activity.



When should you buy dance shoes

In the beginning, when practicing simple basics of dancing, you don’t need real dance shoes. Just have some light, smooth and comfortable shoes that you can use indoors. After a while, when you no longer are a beginner, and you dance regularly, approaching the intermediate level. The more advanced the technique becomes, the more important it is to have proper dance shoes. When you are ready with the basics, and you dance regularly, at least twice o month (even thou I think you should dance much more than that if you want to improve and advance your dance skills), perhaps it’s time to buy a pair of decent dance shoes.

What kinds of dance shoes should you buy?

There are different kinds of dance shoes, what you should consider buying depends on what style of dance you practice and what occasions you dance. Do you only dance in dance classes, or maybe also in dance socials? Of course, what you like and prefer. If this is your first time buying dance shoes, I think you could check what your dance teacher or ask what the more advanced dancers recommend. There are several kinds of dance shoes for men.

For example, there are Dance sneakers, which are excellent all-around dance shoes for daily exercise and practice. They are comfortable to your feet with a soft sole. You can have them with split sole or full sole. They often have a spin spot that is designed to make turning more effortless.

Then we have Jazz shoes; they are thin shoes that promote balance and allows a lot of movement in the feet. Also, Jazz shoes you can have them with split sole or full sole.

If you dance the Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese waltz and Quickstep that case ballroom shoes might be your choice.
If you like Latin flavour and dance Samba, Cha cha, Rumba, Paso doble and Jive then Latin shoe are a good fit for you. They are quite similar to ballroom shoes, but they have slightly higher heels. Do you prefer tap dance, then try some tap shoes. Or maybe you practice Irish dances like river dance, they have special shoes for that, for men they are often called Reel shoes.



If you have decided that dancing is a hobby of yours and not something you just try a few times and you have gone through the beginning stages of dancing and are heading for more intermediate dancing. Learning spins and more advanced technique. Then most definitely it benefits you to have dance shoes. This is just as important for us men as it’s for ladies. Why make it harder than it has to be.

Good luck with dancing and finding the perfect dance shoes for you.





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