CAPEZIO DS10 TOGGLE Dance Sneakers – Review

Most often when I dance, I use dance sneakers. They are my absolute favorites. I use them in dance classes, dance practices and for casual dancing. I don’t think dance sneakers are that stylish shoes, but they are so comfortable to dance with, besides the look I really prefer the feeling of dance sneakers when doing my moves and turn patterns on the dance floor.

When we now are talking about dance shoes for men, dance sneakers have so many advantages. For example, they are perfect for partner dancing, like Salsa, Bachata and probably most other partner dances. They are also good to practice footwork like Salsa shines, Jazz dance or Zumba. Dance sneakers work fine for spinning too. They feel so perfect in most dance floors and are the perfect shoes to avoid injury.


Today I’m doing a review of my favorite dance sneakers. The Capzio DS10 Toggle Unisex dance sneakers. This model of sneakers I have been using for over 10 years. Of course not the same pair, I need to buy new ones every second year or so, because they break down. Probably because I’m a hardcore salsa dancer and use them so often, I dance with them both outdoors and indoors. Actually, I think they are meant to only be used indoors.

Capezio DS10 Toggle dance sneakers are lightweight canvas (polyester cotton) with breathable mesh. They have Split Sole and built-in arch support system, are non-marking PU outsole, and have a spin-safe sole (‘turning circle’ on the base of the sole.), speed-lace design with toggle. They are quite cheap, around 50$, of course you get what you pay for and perhaps you should not compare these inexpensive shoes with more expensive high-end shoes, but in my option they sure are worth the price. Much quality for low price.


The advantages are many, First of all they are cheap, but you still get quality. Another benefit is that hey are lightweight, comfortable and made of Breathable fabric. DS10 Toggle also protects your foot thanks to the thick sole, helps you avoid injury on your knees. They are good to do twist, pivots and spins because they have just enough traction so you don’t slip and fall, but also smooth so you can practice you spinning without grabbing the floor and hurting your knees.

Capezio DS10 Toggle also have good arch support that your feet needs. One more important feature are that they are very flexible, because of the split sole and comfortable material. This is good and important specially if you dance jazz dance, Salsa or Zumba. These shoes are also durable. One more thing I like about DS10 Toggle is that they are laceless, quick and easy to change.


These shoes unfortunately get easily dirty when partner dancing, when somebody stumps on your foot even lightly there will be foot marks.

I think these sneakers are only available in few colors, probably only black and white.

The look is more casual, might not look so good in a dance congress or clubs.


I recommend CAPEZIO DS10 Toggle Unisex dance shoes for everybody, specially for beginners. Because you get so much quality for this low price. Also, as a beginner, there is no need for expensive shoes before you start dancing in more advanced level. A beginner won’ t even feel the difference between these shoes and more expensive high end dance shoes. Of course, everybody has different feet, so you need to try them, maybe compare to other dance sneakers. Hopefully this review helps you to choose the perfect men’s dance shoes for you. Good luck and enjoy dancing.

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Zumba dance shoes for men

Zumba, the popular dance-inspired fitness class, created by Colombian dancer “Alberto Perez”, when he forgot the aerobics music for his fitness class, and he had to use a cassette of Salsa and Merengue music. It is practised all over the world by women, men, kids, young people, seniors, anybody can do it. The fitness routine is done to Latin and world music rhythms like Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, Samba, Flamenco, Disco, you name it.

Zumba is great if you want to combine dance with fitness training or if you have no dance experience, then Zumba could be the perfect place to start learning your first dance steps and moves. Of course, everybody can go to Zumba classes, non-experienced dancers to pro dancers. No dance experience is required here.

Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash

Zumba is a total body workout, includes cardio, flexibility, muscles, and you are burning a fair amount of calories. The routine incorporates a mix of slow rhythms and fast rhythms, good interval training. The question remains, what are the perfect Zumba dance shoes for men.


What shoes not to wear

The most important for everybody doing the Zumba routine is that the sole should not have too much grip, because in some moves and especially in turns if you have too much grip on your shoe soles, it can injure your knees, ankles and even hips by dancing in them. So no shoes with soles that provide too much grip.

To get all the benefits of this great dance-fitness exercise, it’s important that you have good shoes that are comfortable while giving you a safe and enjoyable experience. You want to pivot with your foot without getting foot pain, ankle pain or knee pain. Most of the sports trainers are a bad choice for Zumba because their soles provide too much grip.

What shoes to wear

So what are the shoes that help you avoid pain and injuries? The shoes you dance with needs to have good support when you’re bouncing around the dance-floor, they need to give you lots of shock absorption. They also need a Low friction dance sole, of course, the sole cannot be too slippery. Of course, here you should find out the type of dance floor that you’ll be doing Zumba most of the times. Not all floors have the same amount grip. Zumba session is energetic and sweaty, so the shoes need to be breathable. You also need to be quick, so you need to have shoes made of the lightweight material.

Dance sneakers for men

Dance sneakers are an excellent choice for Zumba training. There are unisex dance sneakers, and also dance sneakers made just for men. Dance sneakers are a little similar to your regular sneakers, but the sole is different, dance sneakers are comfortable, and they give you good protection to avoid injury with their sturdy soles.

There are dance sneakers that have split soles instead of single sole; this can be an advantage in Zumba. This means that the shoes have two separate soles, one for the heel and one for the ball of the foot. This makes them much more flexible than sneakers with single sole. Also, usually dance sneakers have a spin spot. This makes it easier for you to twist, pivot and turn, also an advantage to avoid injury to your knees and ankles.


The main reason for not using your regular sports trainers or tennis shoes is to avoid injury to your ankles and knees. Jazz shoes aren’t good either, they might have enough grip, but the sole is too thin that won’t be good for your foot, you need Shock absorbing soles. What you want are the shoes to have the right amount of grip, spin-spot, light-weight, shock absorbing.

Dance sneaker is made for this kind of movements and training, to make the dance-fitness session smoother, easier and safer. Dance sneakers have a grip variety of colors and models. This makes them the number one recommendation for the Zumba fitness routine.






Why Men Should Dance: The Benefits of Dancing


There are plenty of reasons to dance, much more in the pro column than in the con column, if you stop to think about it. However, what usually holds people back is social anxiety or social stigma – the idea that men don’t dance, that it’s something only women do, that it’s “too girly” for men. There are a variety of different styles of dancing, from ballroom to disco to hip-hop to barn dancing. All over the world, dance is a part of a culture, celebration, ritual and tradition. Today, however, we use dancing less as a tradition and more as a recreational activity or a form of self-expression, sometimes in competition with other dancers. Overall, dancing can be an enjoyable way for people – including men – to meet people, stay fit and get active.

Health Benefits

Dancing is perfect for getting fit, for men of all ages, shapes and sizes, and has a variety of benefits for both physical health and mental health.

Physical Health Benefits

Dancing for men is great for improving the condition of your heart and lungs, as well as increasing muscular strength, your endurance and your fine and gross motor fitness. Dancing is an aerobic activity, which has benefits of its own, namely including muscle tone and strength overall. Simply put, you can get very fit and muscular by dancing if you use it properly as exercise.

For men looking to lose weight, dancing is a great activity for weight management as it is both fun and easy to get into. It can also increase the strength of your bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis in older gentlemen while improving coordination at the same time. Agility can be improved, as well as flexibility, balance and overall spatial awareness – your awareness of yourself in space and your relativity to other objects. What this means is that instead of tripping over things, you’re more likely to avoid them as you’ll be more aware of them and your body movements.

One thing to remember is that it’s important that dance shoes for men are properly fitted and sized so that you’re reaping the benefits and not any pain. In addition, see your doctor if you have a medical condition, are over 40 years of age, or are overweight, to make sure that you are healthy enough to dance. Remember that even though dance is fun, it is still exercise, so it is important to remain properly hydrated. So, drink water before, during and after. Perform some stretches to warm up before, and make sure that you rest between dancing sessions. If you are starting out, don’t push yourself to keep up – just have fun! Cool down after a session with stretches or other gentle activities to avoid muscle strain and pain.

Mental Health Benefits

Besides the usual benefits to mental health that come with physical activity, dance has a few other advantages to your mental health. Physical confidence and confidence in your body image can improve as you dance, as well as overall mental functioning. You may find yourself overcoming some anxiety about social settings and other people, or about exercising in general. Dance has been shown to improve overall general and psychological wellbeing, giving you a feeling of wellness. You may also find that, when dancing, your self-confidence and self-esteem improve, as well as your social skills, especially if you dance with a partner.

Social Benefits

Dancing can be done in the comfort of your own home, or in a studio with other organized dancers. No matter where you dance, it’s important that your men’s dance shoes are the right ones for your form of dancing, so you don’t end up hurting your feet later on. Zumba is a popular form of dance-exercising, which is done in a group situation and offered by a variety of exercise establishments. Most fitness groups will offer some form of dancing or another due to the popularity of dance as an exercise routine. Dancing with a group or a partner can improve your social skills, and for single men, can introduce you to women you may not otherwise have the chance to meet.

For married men, dancing is a great way to surprise your significant other. Instead of swaying around the kitchen, take your partner to a club and blow her away with your hip-hop moves, or get tickets to a gala and show off your ballroom dancing skills. Since dancing is usually done indoors, it can be done in any type of weather, meaning that even the outdoor dates don’t have to be canceled – simply move to the pavilion, or up your kitchen-dancing game. It’s also a great thing to do with your partner – signing up for a dance class together may improve communication between the two of you and allow you to meet friends outside of the partnership, leading to double dates later on.

Different Strokes

There are plenty of different types of dancing that men can take part in. For the man who loves to dance solo or the man who loves to dance with someone else, there is bound to be some kind of dance style that fits every man’s needs. Some dance styles include the following:

  • Ballet: Though we usually associate this style of dancing with ballerinas and women in tutus, the health benefits of ballet and the benefits to men are numerous. This style of dancing is perfect for men who want to improve their flexibility and strength.
  • Ballroom Dancing: Popular with couples, this type of partner dancing teaches you a lot of different styles, such as the waltz, the swing, the rumba, the tango and the foxtrot.

  • Tap Dancing: Do you remember “Singing in the Rain?” This type of dancing focuses on timing and beats and requires a special form of men’s dance shoes called tap shoes. The name comes from the tap that the shoes make because of small metal plates against the ground.
  • Jazz: High in energy and perfect for the man who wants some serious exercise, jazz involves leaping, turning, and kicking all to the rhythm of the music.
  • Salsa: Many mistake salsa dancing for ballroom dancing, but salsa is Latin American, Caribbean and African in origin. This is a sexy form of dancing that would definitely up the dating game and is usually done in partners, as it emphasizes rhythm and the sensual nature of close dancing.
  • Hiphop: An urban dance style done to hip-hop music, this is perfect for the man who wants to improve his moves at the club, as it includes breaking, locking, popping and free styling.
  • Squaredancing: Folk dancing where four couples dance in a square pattern and change partners, this dancing is perfect for couples to make friends with other couples.
  • Modern: Modern dance is based on ballet, but rejects a lot of the strict rules, focusing instead on wild, avant-garde kinds of expressions and creativity in performance and choreography.
  • Folk Dance: The term “folk dance” is a little broad – it can contain a wide variety of styles, and are typically learned informally through tradition. Today they can be learned in classes, like Irish dancing, clogging, and even square-dancing counts as a folk dance. Consider the dances you learned as a child – the hokey pokey, for one, is a folk dance, as well as the lambada or even forms of line dancing.
  • Country and Western: Line dancing, square dancing, even jazz, all to the sounds of country music. If you prefer cowboy boots and hats, this is the dancing for you.

When it comes to choosing a dance style, there are a few things to consider. Why do you want to dance? Is it to improve your fitness, your flexibility, your coordination or all three? Do you want to dance in a fast rhythm or a slow rhythm? How about partners? Do you prefer dancing by yourself or with other people? When it comes to dancing with a group, do you want private lessons or public lessons? And lastly, do you want to dance for fun or against other people in competition? What kind of dance shoes for men would you have to consider – ballet, tap, clogs, or some other type? When deciding on a style of dance, all of these things should be considered. There are hundreds of styles out there, not just the ones we’ve mentioned above so make sure you choose the one that fits your personal needs.


Even though dancing is typically done by women, there is plenty of room for men too – despite the social anxiety that may come with the activity of trying something new. Dancing is a fun and great way to exercise and stay physically fit while you have a blast doing something with other people or completely by yourself. When you’re choosing a type of dance, consider the gear that you’re going to need, and the type of men’s dance shoes that you’ll require (tap dancing and ballet require special shoes, for example). Make sure that you are healthy enough to dance before you sign up for a class and begin to exercise.


Dance shoes for men, do we really need them?

When you go to your first dance class, and you’re excited about it, you probably don’t even think about needing some specific dance shoes for men. As long as you have comfortable shoes that look decent and aren’t too big and heavy. Does it really matter? Well, it all depends on how serious you are about dancing and how often you dance.

Do you really need dance shoes?

Well, if you ask me, I would say, as a beginner dancer, when you still haven’t decided yet if this will be your future passion or just so something you try ones or twice. Maybe you didn’t even really want to go to the class, maybe your girlfriend or some of your lady friends persuaded you to participate in this dance class. In that case, there really is no need for brand new dance shoes. Better use something you already have, something that is comfortable and not too heavy.

However, when you advance with your dance, and you dance regularly, perhaps start practicing some fast dance steps and even spins, that case it might be time for you to start thinking about your feet and maybe invest in some practical dance shoes. If you buy good dance shoes for the dance you practice, you will notice the difference right away. You will have improved balance; Your joints will feel better when you practice spinning, and you will feel the floor better.

Dance shoes are better both for your legs and knees. To be honest, there are a lot of people, good dancers who dance great without dance shoes, but it is easier and more efficient with real dance shoes. Just like any other sport or hobby, dancing requires certain equipment.


What are the benefits of real dancing shoes?

As already mentioned there are several reasons to buy dance shoes. First, of, dance shoes are like a second skin; you get a better feeling of the floor. These shoes are tighter than your ordinary shoes. In your walking shoes, you have some space between your foot and your shoe. That is not the case in dancing shoes; they are tighter on your foot. This makes you have total control of your steps because the shoes are like a second skin, as mentioned.

Another benefit is the soles in dance shoes; The sole is often made of suede or leather, this makes it easy to spin, turn, and twist. Also, the sole in dance shoes makes the floor slippery enough. This is something you will notice quite fast when you practice spins and turns. Most of the ordinary walking shoes have not the sole for this; they are not slippery enough, they tend to grip too much, or sometimes they are to slip. With proper dance shoes, you will have good contact with the floor.

Also, just as your ordinary walking shoes are made for walking and not dancing, the dancing shoes are created for dancing, to give the dancer stability and support when doing steps and spins on the dance floor, to protect the joints. Because dancing is the purpose of dancing shoes, they are manufactured to be durable for long-term, they are the right equipment for this activity.



When should you buy dance shoes

In the beginning, when practicing simple basics of dancing, you don’t need real dance shoes. Just have some light, smooth and comfortable shoes that you can use indoors. After a while, when you no longer are a beginner, and you dance regularly, approaching the intermediate level. The more advanced the technique becomes, the more important it is to have proper dance shoes. When you are ready with the basics, and you dance regularly, at least twice o month (even thou I think you should dance much more than that if you want to improve and advance your dance skills), perhaps it’s time to buy a pair of decent dance shoes.

What kinds of dance shoes should you buy?

There are different kinds of dance shoes, what you should consider buying depends on what style of dance you practice and what occasions you dance. Do you only dance in dance classes, or maybe also in dance socials? Of course, what you like and prefer. If this is your first time buying dance shoes, I think you could check what your dance teacher or ask what the more advanced dancers recommend. There are several kinds of dance shoes for men.

For example, there are Dance sneakers, which are excellent all-around dance shoes for daily exercise and practice. They are comfortable to your feet with a soft sole. You can have them with split sole or full sole. They often have a spin spot that is designed to make turning more effortless.

Then we have Jazz shoes; they are thin shoes that promote balance and allows a lot of movement in the feet. Also, Jazz shoes you can have them with split sole or full sole.

If you dance the Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese waltz and Quickstep that case ballroom shoes might be your choice.
If you like Latin flavour and dance Samba, Cha cha, Rumba, Paso doble and Jive then Latin shoe are a good fit for you. They are quite similar to ballroom shoes, but they have slightly higher heels. Do you prefer tap dance, then try some tap shoes. Or maybe you practice Irish dances like river dance, they have special shoes for that, for men they are often called Reel shoes.



If you have decided that dancing is a hobby of yours and not something you just try a few times and you have gone through the beginning stages of dancing and are heading for more intermediate dancing. Learning spins and more advanced technique. Then most definitely it benefits you to have dance shoes. This is just as important for us men as it’s for ladies. Why make it harder than it has to be.

Good luck with dancing and finding the perfect dance shoes for you.





Dance shoes for men – How to choose the perfect shoes for you

It’s totally fine to use any kinds of shoes for dancing, well almost any kinds. When you are new to dancing, or maybe you are trying a new dance, it might feel unnecessary to put your money on new expensive shoes when you don’t even know if you will like your new hobby. However, there are real benefits of using real dance shoes.

First of all, it’s much easier to dance with real dance shoes, they are lighter than normal shoes, and that is a good thing, it makes you faster and smoother. Dance shoes also reduce the risk of injury. Just like there are several dance styles there are several dance shoes.

Different shoes for different dances and occasions

So how do you choose a pair of good dance shoes? Well, you need to ask you, what kinds of dance style or styles you want to practice? Are you a beginner or an advanced dancer? Where do you dance? At dance classes, nightclubs, dance socials or dance competitions? Of course, you also could check what kinds of dance shoes your dance mates have. Maybe talk to more advanced dancer and ask them what kinds of dance shoes they can recommend.

I have listed below six different kinds of dance shoes for men.

Dance Sneakers

These shoes you can use for almost any dance. They are great all-around shoes for daily exercise and practice. Dance sneakers are a little similar to your everyday sneakers, but the sole is different. Sneakers are comfortable, and they give you good protection to avoid injury with their sturdy soles.

Jazz Shoes

Comfortable and thin shoes that promote balance and allows a lot of movement in the feet. Usually made of leather. You can get them with a split sole and with a full sole.

Ballroom Shoes

These shoes are used for dances like Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese waltz and Quickstep. Some people use them even for salsa and other dances. They have a short and flat heel, They are almost always black and often have suede sole.

Latin Shoes

Latin shoes are used for dances like Samba, Cha cha, Rumba, Paso doble and Jive. These shoes are quite similar to ballroom shoes, but they have higher heels, about 1, 1.5 or 2 inches. They also are softer.

Tap Shoes

These shoes are quite similar to jazz shoes, but they are equipped with a metal tap on the bottom of the heel and at the bottom of the toe. So the dancer can make a rhythmic sound while stepping and dancing.

Irish Dance Shoes for men

For boys and men, these shoes are often called ‘Reel shoes’, and they are harder than ladies Irish dance shoes. These shoes are similar to jazz shoes, but they have a hard heel so the dancer can make a rhythmic sound.

Do you really need dance shoes?

If you only dance once or twice a month socially, there is really no need for special dance shoes, by all means, use your everyday sneakers or whatever you prefer, but if you practice dance regularly or if dance is one of your big passion, it surely is worth investing a pair of good quality men’s dance shoes.

If you are a beginner and tired of having your gym shoes when dancing and want to try some real dance shoes. You could start with dance sneakers. Of course depending on what dance style you prefer and if you dance socially or just in dance classes.




About me

My Name is Steven; Dance is my passion. I’m a Salsa dancer; I love all the styles of Salsa. I also dance the Bachata, Kizomba, Cha-cha-cha, Zouk and Merengue. It’s been 15 years since I first time practiced partner dance. This was on a vacation in Bordeaux, France, I participated in salsa dance class, since then I have been addicted to dancing. I love combining travel with dancing. Visiting dance festivals in other countries and cities, meeting new people to dance with. Evolve in dancing, try new styles and meet new friends.

“Dancing is more than just moving body parts; it is a pathway of expressing your deepest inner thoughts” – Normani Kordei


All the best