CAPEZIO DS10 TOGGLE Dance Sneakers – Review

Most often when I dance, I use dance sneakers. They are my absolute favorites. I use them in dance classes, dance practices and for casual dancing. I don’t think dance sneakers are that stylish shoes, but they are so comfortable to dance with, besides the look I really prefer the feeling of dance sneakers when doing my moves and turn patterns on the dance floor.

When we now are talking about dance shoes for men, dance sneakers have so many advantages. For example, they are perfect for partner dancing, like Salsa, Bachata and probably most other partner dances. They are also good to practice footwork like Salsa shines, Jazz dance or Zumba. Dance sneakers work fine for spinning too. They feel so perfect in most dance floors and are the perfect shoes to avoid injury.


Today I’m doing a review of my favorite dance sneakers. The Capzio DS10 Toggle Unisex dance sneakers. This model of sneakers I have been using for over 10 years. Of course not the same pair, I need to buy new ones every second year or so, because they break down. Probably because I’m a hardcore salsa dancer and use them so often, I dance with them both outdoors and indoors. Actually, I think they are meant to only be used indoors.

Capezio DS10 Toggle dance sneakers are lightweight canvas (polyester cotton) with breathable mesh. They have Split Sole and built-in arch support system, are non-marking PU outsole, and have a spin-safe sole (‘turning circle’ on the base of the sole.), speed-lace design with toggle. They are quite cheap, around 50$, of course you get what you pay for and perhaps you should not compare these inexpensive shoes with more expensive high-end shoes, but in my option they sure are worth the price. Much quality for low price.


The advantages are many, First of all they are cheap, but you still get quality. Another benefit is that hey are lightweight, comfortable and made of Breathable fabric. DS10 Toggle also protects your foot thanks to the thick sole, helps you avoid injury on your knees. They are good to do twist, pivots and spins because they have just enough traction so you don’t slip and fall, but also smooth so you can practice you spinning without grabbing the floor and hurting your knees.

Capezio DS10 Toggle also have good arch support that your feet needs. One more important feature are that they are very flexible, because of the split sole and comfortable material. This is good and important specially if you dance jazz dance, Salsa or Zumba. These shoes are also durable. One more thing I like about DS10 Toggle is that they are laceless, quick and easy to change.


These shoes unfortunately get easily dirty when partner dancing, when somebody stumps on your foot even lightly there will be foot marks.

I think these sneakers are only available in few colors, probably only black and white.

The look is more casual, might not look so good in a dance congress or clubs.


I recommend CAPEZIO DS10 Toggle Unisex dance shoes for everybody, specially for beginners. Because you get so much quality for this low price. Also, as a beginner, there is no need for expensive shoes before you start dancing in more advanced level. A beginner won’ t even feel the difference between these shoes and more expensive high end dance shoes. Of course, everybody has different feet, so you need to try them, maybe compare to other dance sneakers. Hopefully this review helps you to choose the perfect men’s dance shoes for you. Good luck and enjoy dancing.

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16 Replies to “CAPEZIO DS10 TOGGLE Dance Sneakers – Review”

  1. Where can I buy these sneakers, Capezio DS10? Does this model go in other colours? And what is the size range? I am considering to get a pair for my daughter as well.

  2. These are brilliant. My step-daughter is a dancer and gets through dance shoes so often. Some more info on where to get these would be wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing

  3. This looks like a great dance shoe ! That you have worn them for 10 years, is a great testament of this. I think that with any shoe, when someone steps on your foot, it is going to leave a print. Do you have a link for purchasing this dance shoe?

  4. Hey, great article.

    Didn’t know much about dance sneakers…so definitely an eye opener for me.

    And dance sneakers obviously would have a lot of strain on them from all the moving around…so if yours have lasted 10 years than these must be pretty high quality.

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      Yes the quality is good, but to be honest, I have been using same model for 10 years, but not the same pair of shoes. I buy new ones every second year.

  5. You have been a returning customer for 10 years, must be a great shoe. I am not a dancer, but this was a very interesting article to educate me on dancing shoes. Every beginner should read your post to help them in their decisions they are making as they get into dance.

  6. Good review or I think so I’m not a dancer and have never danced much at all. But I do like the part that they are sneakers something I usually wear. It sounds to me like you know what you are talking about I would have to say that the price for the beginner should be less expensive until you learn to dance then you will feel the difference.

    1. Thank you Fred for the comment. Sure. It’s true that a beginer dancer do not need expensive dance shoes. It’s possible to dance with you regular shoes the first dance lessons.

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